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The Most Fascinating Location for Cremation in Los Angeles

The Hollywood Forever cemetery is one of the most fascinating landmarks in the Los Angeles area. Listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, this cemetery is a must-see. People from around the world have been attracted by its unique location to pay respects to Hollywood’s greatest stars who have been buried in this location.

Cremation Services in Los Angeles

More and more people are choosing cremation as a personal decision for their memorial service. For some, cremation has become a reasonable choice which provides a more simple and economical way of preparing for final arrangements.

Such a choice reduces the financial and planning burdens of family members and also offers consideration for the eventual scarcity of land.

History Behind the Famous Los Angeles Cemeteries

The cemetery was founded in 1899 and was an integral part of the growth and development of the early Hollywood years. Indeed, the original Hollywood Cemetery’s back half was the site of the famous Paramount Studios, still operating there today.

From its beginnings in 1899, this cemetery became a hot spot for burying Hollywood writers, directors, and performers. Recently the cemetery has been refurbished to its original splendor, which has added to its attractiveness for many across the world.

Cultural Events

While surrounded with history and excitement, take advantage of some of the many cultural events we sponsor onsite at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, our funeral home in Los Angeles. Schedules and information on these events, which showcase the area’s talent and pay tribute to many of our buried loved ones, may be obtained by contacting us today. 

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